Indigenous IFS Fundamentals

About the program


This experiential, 6-week, live, online program references Internal Family Systems (IFS) from an Indigenous perspective 
in community with others.


We deepen healing in all our relations in both our “inner” and “outer” worlds.

Parts & Self


We experience our Parts as the voices we hear talking inside our minds as we go about our day.

The Self in IFS is the most authentic essence of who we are as spiritual beings. From an Indigenous spirituality perspective, the Self is who we really are, in wholeness and beauty, in oneness with Life itself.

Photo: Gregg Paisley, Blackfeet

What is IFS?

Internal Family SystemsSM (IFS) is at the forefront of a global movement toward mental health that resonates with Indigenous beliefs and practices.

IFS offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering view of human life. It is an evidence-based psycho-spiritual model that can supplement traditional healing practices and ceremony.

IFS addresses legacy burdens bringing hope and transformative healing to all our relations. 


How did this start?

The Indigenous IFS Council hosting this workshop came together in 2021 with the goal of offering IFS-inspired peer-to-peer programs from an Indigenous perspective.


The Self as whole

In IFS, the “Self” is seen as whole. It is an indestructible inner spiritual energy that is not diminished in the face of the burdens we acquire through our own lives, the lives of our ancestors, or the world in general.

IFS helps anyone to access Self energy, which is experienced as clarity, compassion, creativity, calmness, curiosity, confidence, courage, and connectedness. 

What will I learn? 

This introductory program will teach basic IFS principles and provide you a practice partner to begin immediate application of what you have learned.

You will be welcomed into a community of people who want to use IFS in a variety of settings and modalities.

From 1-1 clinical settings, to peer-based community circles – we will see how the power of IFS can take healing to the next level.

Come ready to belly laugh and possibly shed a few tears as we unburden and heal together.


Indigenous IFS Fundamentals

Each 2-hour session will be followed by an optional 30-minute Q&A to clarify anything or raise topics we did not discuss. We are exploring offering professional CEUs and will notify registered participants in September about CEU details.

Module #1

Explore your inner system of Parts with curiosity and compassion.

Module #2

Meet your essential Self and feel the magic of Self energy.

Module #3

Find out what happens when Parts oppose each other and your Self.

Module #4

Experience the power and ceremony of unburdening.

Module #5

Show Parts respect before and after unburdening.

Module #6

Create a road map to deepen your Self to Parts connection.

All photos on this page are from Gregg Paisley, Blackfeet
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What will you gain?

  • Greater clarity about and compassion for your own inner system

  • A stronger sense of your Self and practice in accessing Self energy in all circumstances

  • Insight about how Indigenous thought and practices resonate with IFS

  • Hope, joy, and deeper connection with others on a similar journey


Who should come?

  • Community leaders

  • First responders, EMTs, medical staff

  • Mental health workers & clinicians

  • Non-licensed coach practitioners

  • Educators, school counselors

  • Veterans

  • People who want to add to or replace 12-step recovery

  • Boarding school survivors

  • Anyone affected by violence

  • Those curious about finding hope & healing

  • Family & friends of any of the above

Indigenous IFS Fundamentals


Class Dates:

September 27
October 4,  11, 18, 25
November 1


10 am – 12 pm Pacific





Discounts available:

75% for Indigenous Community Members
50% for Indigenous Allies

(coupons will be listed on checkout page)



Step 1:

Complete the Wacozani Instrument
(an indicator of wellness created by the Dakota Wicohan Community)

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I understand that this Indigenous IFS Fundamentals course is not psychotherapy.  The course features an evidence-based psychotherapy method, intended to teach me skills I can use for my personal growth. The course may involve accessing sensitive psychological material, and I declare that I have the psychological stability to handle whatever may come up. I am responsible for my participation in the course and any psychological work that I choose to do. I will not hold the instructor, any member of the Indigenous IFS team, or their affiliates responsible for any pain or damages that may occur. 

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